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June 2008 - In This Issue


Material and Cost Tracking & Reporting Software

Business Intelligence for the Waste Industry!

  • Compiles cost and tonnage data into a full cost accounting model

  • Provides quick access to cost and tonnage reports

  • Improves ability to track performance and monitor operations

  • Facilitates management of contracts

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GBB will be present at the following industry events. We look forward to seeing you there!

MD Recyclers Coalition & SWANA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Conference
College Park, MD
June 25-26, 2008

Old Dominion Chapter of SWANA Conference
Williamsburg, VA
June 25-27, 2008

Bob Brickner, Speaker
"State-of-the-Art C&D Recycling Facility in Fauquier County, VA"

California Resource Recovery Association  Conference
Burlingame, CA
August 3-6, 2008

Harvey Gershman
Recycling Processing Panel

Recycling & Sustainability Summit -
Recycling Alliance of Texas

The Woodlands, TX
August 16-20, 2008

John Roderique, Speaker
"C&D Recycling Overview and Case Studies"

North Carolina SWANA Fall Conference
Wrightsville Beach, NC
August 25-29, 2008

Harvey Gershman, Speaker
"Alternative Technologies to Landfilling"

WTE Research & Technology Council Meeting
New York, NY
October 16-17, 2008

Wastecon 2008
Tampa, FL October
21-23, 2008

Visit the conference / tradeshow section of our Website for a continuously updated list of events!

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Recent GBB Assignments

In the past few months, GBB has been selected for several new assignments, including:

FleetRoute Route Optimization Software
City of Stillwater, OK

Material Recovery Facility Feasibility Study
City of Tucson, AZ

Development of Preliminary Implementation Plan for Cart-based Residential Trash Collection System
City of Wilmington, DE

Landfill Assessment
Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, Pensacola, FL

Transfer Procurement Services
Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Authority, MI

C&D Webinar
Lorman Education

Services Data Development
National Demolition Association

Alternative Technologies
Olver Associates/Orange County, NC

Guam Solid Waste Receivership
United States District Court of Guam

We appreciate the opportunity to assist these clients with their needs.

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Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.

Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.
8550 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 203
Fairfax, VA  22031
Phone: 703.573.5800
Fax: 703.698.1306

For more info about GBB:

GBB Assuming Responsibilities of the Guam Solid Waste Management Division
United States District Court of Guam Appoints GBB as Receiver

On March 17, 2008, the United States District Court of Guam placed the Solid Waste Division of the Department of Public Works in Guam in Receivership for noncompliance with the Clean Water Act as set forth in a Consent Decree signed between the Government of Guam and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) on February 11, 2004. This Consent Decree ordered the Government of Guam to close the Ordot Dump, cease all discharges into the Lonfit River, open a new municipal solid waste landfill facility and develop and implement recycling and hazardous waste strategies to reduce the volume of materials disposed in the landfill.

Ordot Dump

On-the-ground review of the Ordot Dump
by GBB in Guam.

In a Court Order, the Honorable Frances Tydingco-Gatewood, Chief Judge of the United States District Court of Guam, delegated full power and authority to GBB, as Receiver, to enforce the terms of the Consent Decree and assume all of the responsibilities, functions, duties, powers and authority of the Solid Waste Division.

The Territory of Guam is an island in the Western Pacific Ocean with a population of over 173,000. The United States government is currently expanding the country's military presence on Guam, making the implementation of the Consent Decree of even greater importance to assure that Guam is able to effectively support all members of the Guam community, including the men and women of the armed services who will be based there.

Harvey Gershman, GBB President, is the overall Officer-in-Charge for this assignment; David L. Manning, GBB Special Principal Associate, serves as GBB's Receiver representative acting on behalf of GBB; and Chace Anderson, GBB Vice President, and Chris Lund, P.E., GBB Senior Project Engineer and former GEPA Chief Engineer, are other key members of the Project Team.

In early April, GBB launched the Guam Solid Waste Receivership Information Center Website, a resource providing information and documents on the project ( After a comprehensive review of Court records and Department of Public Works documents, the Receiver team began on-the-ground operations in Guam in April 2008, which will continue without interruption until full compliance with the Consent Decree is achieved. While in Guam, the Receiver team conferred extensively with the Court, Guam's government officials and other key groups. The team also held a media briefing on April 25, during which they outlined the Receiver's objectives and provided an overview of solid waste management best practices.

A summary of the Receiver's initial findings is provided on the Receivership Website. To date, the Receivership has addressed the condition of equipment; realigned the Solid Waste Division organization; improved Ordot Dump operations; explored cooperation with military authorities on the new landfill and recycling; and began work on a draft Action Plan to be submitted to the Court in July 2008.

"We are honored to have been selected by the Chief Judge for this important assignment," said Harvey Gershman. "This will be challenging work for all involved, and GBB is up to the task. Our selection, we believe, is a testament to GBB's innovation, leadership, track record and proven ability to make change happen and generate success stories. In this assignment, GBB is responsible solely to the U.S. District Court of Guam but will work closely with the elected officials, public works, financial advisors, and other stakeholders in Guam to achieve full compliance with the terms of the Consent Decree in the most cost-effective and expeditious manner possible."

Related Web Links:

>> Guam Solid Waste Receivership Information Center
>> Summary of Initial Findings / Latest Updates
>> Press Release - Receivership Announcement
>> Press Release - Website Launch

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Maui County's Draft Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Completed
Plan Aims at 60% Diversion Rate from Current 36%

In mid-May, Maui County's draft Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan was completed and made available to the public. The Plan is the result of 10 months of concerted effort by the County's Department of Environmental Management and Solid Waste Division, the Solid Waste Resource Advisory Committee (SWRAC), and GBB. A series of public hearings will be held over the summer before the Plan is revised, if necessary, and submitted to the Hawaii Department of Health for final approval.

With a current state goal of 50% diversion, Maui County currently diverts 36% of its solid waste, which the SWRAC voted to improve to 60%. The major recommendations of the draft plan include:

  • Providing single-stream curbside recycling collection and weekly trash collection;

  • Providing residential curbside collection of white goods, bulky waste and household hazardous waste ;

  • Developing MRFs to process recyclables and C&D waste;

  • Implementing a landfill gas collection system and generating electricity from it;

  • Increasing environmental education;

  • Developing a transfer facility and convenience / recycling center;

  • Consolidating certain base yards and developing a centrally located solid waste campus;

  • Initiating C&D waste recycling programs; and

  • Investigating technologies to convert waste to electricity.

GBB Team Expands

John Roderique, P.E. - Vice President
Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.Mr. Roderique is re-joining GBB as a Vice President. Originally with the firm in its early years and over the past ten years as a GBB Principal Associate, he has more than 30 years experience in solid waste management consulting, manufacturing industries, and business management. He holds a M.B.A., Finance, from New York University, and a B.S., Mechanical Engineering, from Louisiana State University.

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Chris Lund, P.E. - Senior Project Engineer
Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.Mr. Lund joins GBB as Sr. Project Engineer. Formerly Chief Engineer at the Guam Environmental Protection Agency, he is a key member of the GBB Guam Receivership Project Team. He has a B.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Press Release

Jack L. Tucker - Senior Project Manager
Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.Mr. Tucker joins GBB as Sr. Project Manager. He has over 27 years of experience in various levels of management and administration, and is the former Director of Operations at the Department of Public Works of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County. He will be a key member of the GBB Guam Receivership Project Team.

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Camilo Restrepo - Intern
Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.Mr. Restrepo joins the firm for the summer as part of GBB's Internship Program. Originally from Colombia, he is currently a graduate student at the University of Maryland pursuing a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering. A Fulbright Scholar, he has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering.

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