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April 2008 - In This Issue

Status of Waste-to-Energy & Conversion Technology
SWANA e-session presented by GBB President Harvey Gershman

On Monday April 21, 2008, at 1:45pm ET, GBB President Harvey Gershman will present a 90-minute SWANA e-session entitled "Status of Waste-to-Energy (WTE) and Conversion Technology."

This session will provide a review of WTE technologies as an element of integrated solid waste management systems. The review will include a brief look at plants worldwide and focus on facilities, technologies, and companies operating in the United States.

The presentation will also review the results from the CAA retrofits in the U.S. and an overview of current economic parameters for WTE. In addition, highlights from the 2007 North American Waste to Energy Technology Conference (NAWTEC) will be presented.

Lastly, Mr. Gershman will review alternative technologies being promoted and considered now in the U.S. for active procurements and the risks associated with implementing these technologies now.

Each registered participant can earn 1 CEU toward their SWANA Certification.

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Recent GBB Assignments

In the past few months, GBB has been selected for several new assignments, including:

Transfer Station Procurement
Charles County, MD

Development and Implementation of a Solid Waste Management Master Plan
City of Annapolis, MD

Demolition Landfill
& Redmond Landfill Subsurface Investigations

Deschutes County, OR

Evaluation of Waste Disposal Technologies on Behalf of Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation
Ferrucci Russo PC

Solid Waste Management Plan Update
(GBB as subcontractor to J.R. Miller & Associates)
Marion County, OR

Single Stream MRF Feasibility Study
Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, GA

Project Development
Private C&D Contractor, NC

Paper Recycling
(GBB as subcontractor to Booz Allen Hamilton)

We appreciate the opportunity
to assist these clients with their needs.

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For more info about GBB:

Over 500 Responses to Rivanna Solid Waste Authority's Online Survey
GBB Assisting Authority with Strategic Plan

Residents of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia, have spoken: They want more opportunities to recycle and they are eager to have a more sustainable solid waste management system, even if it means paying more each month.

RivannaThese sentiments were one finding of a six-month strategic planning process undertaken by GBB for the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority (RSWA). The RSWA asked GBB to examine solid waste and recycling services in the RSWA service area and explore improvements to the Authority's facilities and services that the public will support. Joining GBB for this project is Virginia-based Draper Aden Associates. The objective of the process is to reach consensus among residents and elected officials on a viable solid waste management system that better serves the needs of residents of the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and the Town of Scottsville, as well as the students and faculty of the University of Virginia and other institutions and businesses within the community.

A key question was: What kinds of changes would the community support?

RivannaTo find out, GBB held more than 50 individual meetings with public officials, community leaders, business executives and solid waste officials.  In addition, the company organized two community meetings in November and December 2007, and conducted two online surveys. Based on GBB's in-depth assessment of facilities and services operated by RSWA and benchmarking with similar communities around the country, GBB presented five possible scenarios for consideration by the community.  These ranged from simply improving current facilities to a fully sustainable option with expanded recycling, a materials recovery facility and a facility that would burn non-recyclable solid waste materials for fuel or electricity. The surveys asked residents for their opinions of current facilities as well as their preferences among the five scenarios for the future.

RSWA received over 570 survey responses, which provided valuable input for the draft strategic plan, currently under review by officials of the RSWA service area. "It's quite simple to summarize the feedback we received during the community meetings and via the online survey," said Harvey Gershman, GBB president. "The message was loud and clear: do more, spending as little as possible. Residents want to develop a new transfer station, provide curbside recyclables collection to residences and businesses in urban areas, and build a new MRF for recyclables and C&D material. As this is done, they want to start exploring further the next step: a refuse derived fuel or waste-to-energy facility for a sustainable system that could yield up to 93% diversion."

Videos of both public meetings, a PDF of the presentation made during public meetings, and a link to the RSWA website are available at:

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Planning for Future Programs and Evaluating Current Initiatives
Wake County, NC, Construction & Demolition Waste Assessment Updated by GBB

Wake CountyDuring the fall of 2007, GBB completed a strategic review of the handling, recycling and disposal of construction waste and demolition debris (C&D) generated in Wake County, NC, the second-most populous County in North Carolina with more than 817,000 residents.

As part of the assignment, funded by the County and the City of Raleigh, GBB interviewed private sector participants in the C&D industry, including commercial generators, demolition contractors, haulers, C&D recyclers and public sector entities. GBB also reviewed C&D waste generated, disposed and recycled in the County and provided information on the collection and disposal system, including permitted capacity, recycling system tipping fees and C&D landfill costs.

Additionally, GBB researched and provided benchmark information on other communities that have successful C&D monitoring and/or reporting programs, with and without regulatory requirements. The draft report, presented in late January 2008, included key requirements and impacts of several C&D recycling model ordinances used around the country.

Wake County"GBB's assessment will provide us with a better understanding of the generation, disposal and diversion of C&D materials in Wake County," said Jim Reynolds, Solid Waste Director for Wake County. "The information gathered will be used to evaluate current C&D initiatives and to plan for future programs."

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Speaker's Corner

"Insider's Insight:
Procurement of New
C&D Recycling Facility"

Bob Brickner
SWANA's Thinking Outside the Blue Box 2008 Conference

This presentation, given by Bob Brickner (GBB Executive Vice President), addressed the challenge of approaching the procurement of a C&D recycling facility from a strategic standpoint, rather than a simple call-for-bids, to foster proposers' participation and creativity in order to maximize the return on investment for the public sector entity.

The presentation was made at SWANA's Thinking Outside the Blue Box Conference held in February 2008 in Corpus Christi, TX.

PDF of Presentation

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