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June 2007
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  1. Facing Sharp Increase in Population, City of Ontario, CA, Implements GBB's FleetRoute Collection Route Optimization Solution

  2. Maryland-based Office Paper Systems, Inc. Celebrates 15 Years of Operations

  3. Speaker's Corner

  4. Recent GBB Assignments

  5. Conferences

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Recent GBB Assignments
In the past few months, GBB has been selected for several new assignments, including:

Cost Model and Rate Review
City of Fort Smith, AR

Consulting Services
Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, CT

Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan
County of Maui, HI

Technical, Outreach, and Voluntary Program Support
(as a subcontractor to ICF International)
EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response

C&D Waste Management Consulting Services
Fauquier County, VA

Solid Waste Management Plan Update Scoping (Gwinnett County, GA)
Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA

Review of Services and Procedures to Improve Quality of Services
Montgomery County, MD

Recycling System and Capacity Study
(GBB as subcontractor to RRT Design and Construction)
Waukesha County, WI

We appreciate the opportunity to assist these clients with their needs.


GBB will be present at the following industry events. We look forward to seeing you there!

Maryland Recyclers Coalition & SWANA's Mid Atlantic Chapter Joint Conference
College Park, MD
June 6-7, 2007

Bob Brickner, Speaker
SWANA Technical Session: Collection and Transfer "RFID Technology for Transfer Stations: An Overview."

SWANA's Landfill Symposium and the Planning & Management Conference
San Diego, CA
June 25-27, 2007

Harvey Gershman, Speaker
Trends in Ownership and Operations Session "Diversion Program Procurements: Lessons Learned"

Chace Anderson, Moderator
"Perils of Success."

National Recycling Coalition 2007 Conference
Denver, CO
September 16-19, 2007

Harvey Gershman, Speaker
"Diversion Program Procurements - Lessons Learned"

Reno, NV
October 16-18, 2007
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For more info about GBB:

Facing Sharp Increase in Population, City of Ontario, CA, Implements GBB’s FleetRoute™ Collection Route Optimization Solution
City Expects to Double Refuse/Recycling Collection Customer Base over Next 15 Years

Expecting to double its customer base over the next 15 years due to residential, commercial and industrial development on annexed agricultural land, the City of Ontario was proactive and selected GBB to implement FleetRoute™ to increase collection efficiency and prepare for the growth.  The City of Ontario provides refuse, commingled recyclable materials, and green waste collection services to the residents and businesses of Ontario. City crews service all residential units for refuse and recycling collection (with automated trucks) and commercial customers (with front loaders) within the city limits, accounting for approximately 30,000 residences and 4,100 businesses. Ontario, in San Bernardino County, approximately 38 miles east of the City of Los Angeles, has experienced a 20% growth in population between 1995 and 2005, and now counts 172,679 residents.

To hit the ground running, the City opted to outsource to GBB the development of the initial route drafts for 45 residential refuse collection routes, 50 residential recycling / green waste collection routes, 65 commercial refuse collection routes, and 10 commercial recycling / wood collection routes.  The services entailed assisting the City in shifting its collection days for the residential customers.  Collection days went from four 10-hour days per week to five 8-hour days per week.  The adjustment was intended to not only balance the amount of work on each of the days, but also position more collection days to be adjacent to the growth areas to accommodate the new homes as they come online for service.  In analyzing the collection days and developing new routes, GBB worked with the City to assess service level parameters, such as differences in set-out rates and weights in areas of varying demographics.

FleetRoute™ licenses were also purchased.  City staff was trained on the software to allow for long-term, in-house creation and modification of optimal routes as the City grows along with demand for residential and commercial collection. The City has since licensed the software for routing its utility meter readers. 

"We’ve been diligently looking into our routing options for a year to ensure that we’d maximize our investment and make the proper decision. Our multi-disciplined selection committee included staff from the operational side, as well as IT and GIS experts, in order to ensure that we cover all bases,” said Bob Figoni, City of Ontario Assistant Utilities Director/Solid Waste. “FleetRoute™ and the GBB Project Team worked closely with our staff to find solutions that resulted in our initial draft routes. Their understanding of the solid waste business was important to us. We feel that we chose a product that will prepare the department for the upcoming challenges facing us."

“Being proactive, the City of Ontario is tackling the issue of route optimization at the perfect time: right before a planned major increase in collection services is to be provided,” said Bob Brickner, Executive Vice President of GBB. “This will ensure a smooth, efficient transition as the City ramps up its services rather than a situation where lots of time is spent building an inefficient system followed by the need to fix it.”

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Maryland-based Office Paper Systems, Inc. Celebrates 15 Years of Operations
GBB Assists in Project Development, Financing and Marketing of State-of-the-Art MRF

Office Paper Systems, Inc. (OPS) is celebrating 15 years of operations as a comprehensive solution to the needs of business, government and residential customers throughout the entire Washington-Baltimore region. The growing state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility provides cost-effective recycling programs and secure disposal of sensitive documents. It has become the largest mixed-paper recycling system in the region, with one of the highest throughput capacities in the United States (200,000 tons per year). Through its contract for residential mixed paper processing and marketing with Montgomery County, MD, OPS has helped increase the county’s diversion rate to more than 50%.
Office Paper Systems, Inc.

GBB's assistance from the beginning included project development, contracting, product marketing, project feasibility report for revenue bond financing, and meetings with investors. GBB continues to serve as Project Consultant and conducts an annual performance and financial audit of the facility including: quantities, prices and sources of material to be processed; quantities, prices and grades of recovered materials shipped; facility operations and maintenance elements; and review and concurrence in the annual budget.

Office Paper Systems, Inc.“GBB was with us every step of the way as we bid to develop a residential mixed paper processing facility for Montgomery County. Once OPS was selected as the contractor, we relied on GBB’s extensive expertise in solid waste management to negotiate contracts and build and finance the facility. I’m happy to say the entire process went smoothly, in large part due to GBB’s hard work, experience in the industry, and ability to provide the precise services we needed.”—Ron Anderson, President, Office Paper Systems, Inc.

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Speaker's Corner

“10 million Curbside Carts…
But Why Are We Counting?
The tagging and accountability
achieved in Pasadena, CA”

By Bob Brickner
GBB Executive Vice President

As part of a panel discussing cutting-edge technologies in collecting recyclables at NRC’s 25th Annual Congress and Expo, Bob Brickner presented the case study of the City of Pasadena’s Integrated Waste Management Data Collection and Routing System project where technologies are used to provide asset identification, collection route optimization, asset tracking, and GPS-based performance monitoring to catapult the City’s collection operation into an efficient, effective system with operational command and control. The Pasadena project is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated routing and data collection/analysis systems installed by any municipality in the United States. While the individual components (audit, routing, RFID tags, on-board computers with GPS) are not new by themselves, the integration into one seamless system is unique and has never been done before.

Click here to see the presentation (PDF)

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