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Fall 2007 - In This Issue

  1. Baton Rouge Wins 2007 Outstanding Public Education Award from NRC
  2. GBB “Seven-Point Checkup” Launched to Help Keep Recycling Programs Humming
  3. GBB Assists King County, WA, with Independent Review of Solid Waste Transfer and Waste Export System Plan
  4. GBB Assists in Development of 2nd Publicly-Owned & Operated C&D Recycling Facility in the U.S.
  5. GBB Takes County of Maui Group on West Coast Tour of Solid Waste Facilities
  6. GBB Team Expands
  7. Recent GBB Assignments
  8. Speaker's Corner
  9. Conferences
  10. Contact Information
GBB Team Expands

Michelle Minstrell Joins GBB as Project Manager

MinstrellMichelle Minstrell has joined GBB as Project Manager. She has over 12 years of professional experience in recycling and solid waste management and a total of more than 23 years of community involvement in recycling. She has worked in the public sector for town and county governments and educational institutions, for non-profit organizations, and for the private sector. Michelle has a B.S., Environmental Science and B.A., Environmental Studies from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

She can be reached via email at

Chace Anderson Named GBB Vice President

AndersonChace Anderson, a GBB Principal Associate since February 2006, has been named GBB Vice President. He has over 20 years of experience in the solid waste management field, including serving as Deputy Director of Public Works heading the Division of Waste Management and the Division of Fleet for Metro Nashville, and as Solid Waste Administrator for the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority in Virginia. Before joining the public sector, he owned a recycling collection company based in Virginia in the 1980s and ‘90s. Mr. Anderson has a Bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.

He is based on the West Coast and can be reached via email at

Margaret Eldridge Returns to GBB as Senior Project Manager

EldridgeBack from having two children and successfully getting through those early years of motherhood, Margaret Eldridge returns to GBB as Senior Project Manager after a 3-year hiatus. She initially joined GBB in 2000 from Arlington County, Virginia's Department of Environmental Services. She has over 12 years of experience in recycling, waste reduction, and solid waste management. She has worked in strategic planning, solid and hazardous waste management, contract management, environmental education, events planning, and public relations. Margaret has a B.A., Communication and Environmental Studies, from Virginia Tech.

She can be reached via email at

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Recent GBB Assignments

In the past few months, GBB has been selected for several new assignments, including:

Collection Study
(GBB as subcontractor to Hatch Mott MacDonald)
Cape May County, NJ

Waste-to-Energy & Solid Waste Management Planning and Implementation Consulting Services
Cayman Islands

Development and Implementation of new Street Sweeping Routes and Street Parking Designation
City of Torrance, CA

Insourcing Independent Review
King County, WA

Solid Waste Strategic Plan
Rivanna Solid Waste Authority, VA

C&D Waste Assessment
Wake County, NC

We appreciate the opportunity to assist these clients with their needs.

Speaker's Corner

"Is One Contract Better Than Twelve?"
EPA's 2007 Midwest Urban Recycling Forum
Presentation from Bob Brickner & Mike Czuprenski

This presentation, given by Bob Brickner (GBB Executive Vice President) and Mike Czuprenski (Southeastern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority Operations Director), provided an overview of the procurement process that yielded over 16% savings on collection, transfer station operations and disposal services.

Click here to see the presentation (PDF)

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GBB will be present at the following industry events. We look forward to seeing you there!

Perfect Storm Bioenergy Forum
New Brunswick, NJ
October 23, 2007

Bob Brickner, Speaker
"Energy from Wood Waste in New Jersey"

Waste Expo 2008
Chicago, IL
May 6-8, 2008

Visit the conference / tradeshow section of our Website for a continuously updated list of events!


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Baton Rouge Wins 2007 Outstanding Public Education Award from National Recycling Coalition
GBB Assisted with Strategic Planning and Implementation of State-of-the-Art Recycling Program
Baton Rouge







Susan Hamilton, Director of Recycling for East Baton Rouge Parish, with Harvey Gershman, GBB President.

The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) recently presented the Beth Brown Boettner Award for Outstanding Public Education to the East Baton Rouge Recycling Office. The prestigious award was presented to Susan Hamilton, Director of Recycling for East Baton Rouge Parish, LA, during NRC’s 26th Annual Congress & Expo, in Denver, CO. Each year, to recognize the best in recycling, the NRC presents awards to outstanding organizations and individuals in a number of categories. Winners are selected by a committee of NRC members. The Beth Brown Boettner Award, honoring a recycling program that shows innovation and leadership in public education, is named for an Austin, TX city employee who developed one of the first major city recycling programs in the nation. GBB is proud to be associated with Baton Rouge, having assisted the city with strategic planning and program implementation since 2004.

“Congratulations to the East Baton Rouge Recycling Office!” said Harvey Gershman, GBB President. “We have been fortunate to work closely with them over the past few years and are proud to be associated with this success story. From the get-go, Baton Rouge was dedicated to making things happen, increasing recycling, and lowering costs. They put in the necessary resources and efforts and turned their operation into a model other communities look up to.”

In July 2006, after several years of strategic planning and the subsequent procurement process for new comprehensive waste and recycling collection and processing services, the City of Baton Rouge / Parish of East Baton Rouge started implementing those services, including a new single-stream recycling program, with the goal of providing greater convenience to residents, collecting larger volumes of recyclable materials, and reducing solid waste management costs. As of August 2007, with 51,000 carts delivered, tonnage collected curbside has increased by over 30%.

“We attribute our success to in-depth strategic planning, effective networking with local leaders, and a creative grassroots public outreach effort,” noted Hamilton. “The new single-stream recycling program has saved landfill space as well as dollars: our new rate of $1.52/household/month saves over $1.00/hh/month compared to our former rate. GBB was instrumental in stepping Baton Rouge through the strategic planning and contract phases, and without their expertise, we would not have the progressive program we have today.”

The City of Baton Rouge / Parish of East Baton Rouge, located in the southeastern part of Louisiana along the Mississippi River, is the second largest city in the state and its capital. The City/Parish provides a broad array of solid waste management services to over 120,000 residences spanning 472 square miles.

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Recycling Office of East Baton Rouge Parish

GBB “Seven-Point Checkup” Launched to Help Keep Recycling Programs Humming
Experts to Provide Comprehensive, Customized Reviews of Recycling Public Education Programs

People don’t drive their car 30,000 miles without getting the oil changed and fluids checked. In the same way, cities and counties need to periodically look under the hood of their recycling public education program to make sure all the parts are working well – and together – to ensure the best performance! With that in mind, the GBB Seven-Point Checkup was recently launched.

The Checkup is designed to assess what’s working and what could be improved, and helps public sector recycling officials take steps to update and fine-tune their programs. Recycling public education programs are reviewed, and new ideas along with fresh strategies are provided to take the programs to the next level. After a comprehensive review, a detailed summary document that spells out findings is provided along with a set of actionable recommendations that should be implemented. If the municipality would like implementation assistance, GBB can also step up and get more involved.

GBB first confers by phone with the client about the program: its history, current results, goals, and opportunities and challenges in achieving those goals. A checklist of materials to send GBB is provided, such as samples of public education materials and copies of any relevant data about the program and collection results. Next, the communications program is reviewed during a half-day, on-site meeting at the client’s offices or facilities to dig deeper into the elements of the program and how they are packaged.

The GBB Seven-Point Checkup covers and evaluates:

#1 Recycling communications plan
#2 Program budget and operations data
#3 Recycling messaging
#4 Public education program components
#5 Recycling outreach “packaging”
#6 Media relations
#7 Technology

CheckupThe comprehensive, customized reviews of recycling public education programs are performed under the leadership of Mary-Jane Atwater, GBB Principal Associate. Ms. Atwater has more than two decades of experience developing recycling public education programs throughout the country. She is assisted by GBB staff with extensive public education expertise. As a dedicated solid waste management consultant, GBB has over 27 years of experience in assisting primarily public sector clients in planning and implementing solid waste management projects, including public education projects. GBB's community information experts help local officials involve and inform the public in solid waste management programs. GBB develops strategies; organizes and staffs citizen advisory committees; plans budgets; and prepares newsletters, brochures, videos, slide presentations, and briefings to aid in the communications process.

Because public education is the one program element most likely to boost recycling participation and materials set out for collection without any fundamental changes to the collection system, real returns on investment can be expected with the GBB Seven-Point checkup! Visit for more information.

GBB Assists King County, WA, with Independent Review of Solid Waste Transfer and Waste Export System Plan

In early 2007, King County’s Council contracted with GBB to do an independent third-party review of its Solid Waste Transfer and Waste Export System Plan. King County manages the disposal of waste streams from the unincorporated areas of the County and for 37 suburban cities in the County, excluding the City of Seattle, through Interlocal Agreements. The County’s Cedar Hills Landfill is expected to close within the next ten years so the County has developed a long-term plan for waste disposal.

R.L. Banks & Associates (RLB) and MSW Consultants were GBB’s subcontractors on this assignment. During field visits, it became apparent that this once progressive infrastructure requires significant updating and/or total replacement at certain sites, that the long-range plan for recycling needs a local infrastructure to support it, that the life of the County’s landfill could be extended significantly, and that King County and the City of Seattle could work together to lower waste export costs.

GBB’s Harvey Gershman and RLB’s Charles Banks made two presentations to King County committees on these findings. These issues have and will continue to be critical in system planning. GBB is currently starting an independent review of insourcing recyclables collection services for the King County Council.

“We were very pleased with the work product provided by GBB through our Solid Waste Export Plan--Third Party Review,” said Mike Reed, Legislative Coordinator for King County's Council. “I think the King County audience generally felt that the work was thought-provoking and insightful, reflecting a deep understanding of the dynamics of the solid waste management field.”

GBB Assists in Development of 2nd Publicly-Owned & Operated C&D Recycling Facility in the U.S.

This past summer, Fauquier County’s state-of-the-art construction and demolition (C&D) debris recycling facility passed acceptance tests, confirming that the contractor met its contractual obligations to design and install the system. The facility, located 45 miles southwest of Washington, DC, in this growing Virginia County, has a minimum capacity of 470 cubic yards per hour for mixed C&D waste. It will increase recycling, maximize landfill life, and help maintain an important revenue flow that generates more than 50% of the funds needed to provide the County’s overall solid waste management services.

“This is the second known publicly-owned and operated C&D recycling facility in the U.S., and we are excited and proud to have contributed in making this a success and a model for other similar facilities,” noted Bob Brickner, GBB Executive Vice President. “The County’s Environmental Services Department staff and Board of Supervisors have shown great vision that will pay off in the long run.”

GBB, acting as a specialized solid waste management subcontractor of Draper Aden Associates, was instrumental in the successful fast-tracked procurement and negotiation efforts, concluded in the summer of 2006, which resulted in a County investment of over $1.2 million for the purchase and installation of the C&D equipment for the new processing/recovery facility.

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GBB Takes County of Maui Group on West Coast Tour of Solid Waste Facilities

“Seeing is believing,” and there is nothing like seeing solid waste management systems before sitting down to write a Solid Waste Management Integrated Plan. Viewing, and discussing the works of other communities is a tremendous educational opportunity to people who may only see a trash truck once a week outside of their home.

Maui Group





Maui Representatives climb an ash monofill after touring the Covanta Brooks Waste-to-Energy Facility in Marion County, OR.

GBB led a tour for 17 people from the County of Maui, Hawai’i, on an eight-day tour of West Coast solid waste facilities. The tour group was made up of citizens from the Solid Waste Resource and Advisory Committee (SWRAC), members of Maui County Mayor Charmaine Tavares’ administration, and staff members of the Hawai’i Department of Environmental Management.

The group landed in Portland, Oregon, and visited the Metro Regional District’s facilities. It then went to nearby Marion County to tour Covanta’s waste-to-energy facility and the County’s ash monofill.

The group then flew to San Francisco to visit the City contractor’s MRF, transfer station, education room, citizens’ drop-off facility, and C&D MRF. The group was fortunate to spend several hours talking with the City’s staff and listening to Robert Hailey’s zero waste program strategies. Next, the group went to UC Davis to discuss alternative disposal options and then to nearby Vacaville to see San Francisco’s food waste being composted.

Maui Group




Maui group in San Francisco discussing the zero waste goals and other programs with City officials.

Finally, the tour ended in beautiful Monterey, California at the Monterey Regional Waste District’s facility with its Last Chance Mercantile, C&D MRF, wood grinding operation, HHW facility, and a chance to talk with the managers who operate this public facility in a business style.

One week after the tour, the members of the SWRAC met with an expanded knowledge base from which to build on the solid waste management plan in development for the County of Maui.

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